About Me

I was born in a family with no ties to the design industry, but I grew up in the world of Tom and Jerry, Popeye, and the WB television network. By watching cartoons almost every day during my childhood, I slowly became a fan of William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, and I was impressed with the way they made all the characters move and put emotions to them. That is when I decided to become a designer in order to bring more color to the world.

The grand outdoors is always a good source of inspiration, and I always try to put the color of nature into my artwork. Anytime I’m thinking of tackling a new design project, I always start off with pencils and a sketchbook. I put pencil to paper and try to come up with as many ideas as I can before touching any software. I also try to practice art (ex: guitar, music production) every day in order to experiment with my creativity. Rhythm composition, color, and storytelling are always at the forefront of my mind whenever I’m thinking about starting a new design.