“For those who have chosen art as a coping mechanism to life, they have already met death at least once.”

– I’m Not Sure –

Project Description

“Silence” was a song about a lonely ghost that could not experience the afterlife. It kept wandering around the limbo between life and death without a purpose and closure. It tried in vain to brush off the beauty of everything around it since this beauty could barely ease the pain growing inside. All the ghost wanted was to be entitled to happiness, get a friend, and let all the agonies and loneliness go away, even just for a little while.

The video aimed to create a non-commercial lyric video that broke the typical mold of how one should be. It emphasized the composition/layout, mood, and tone while employing a minimalist approach to a maximalist aesthetic rather than a narrow focus on art or camera effects and movements.



Music & lyrics: I’m Not Sure
Music Producer: Tran Huy
Art Director: Tran Vinh
Illustrator: VNPT
Video & Animator: Hoang Tung Vu


After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator

Work In Progress

Those style frames indicated how the scenes would look like at first. The client did not have a specific storyboard, they developed those style frames instead and I animated the video based on those.

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