Lunar New Year

Project Description

Tet is the annual Vietnamese New Year celebration, coinciding with the Lunar New Year celebrated throughout the world in January or February. In Viet Nam, we believe that red and yellow color brings good fortune, which may explains why these colors can be seen everywhere in Lunar New Year.

Furthermore, in the days leading up to Tet, each family cooks special holiday meals. One of the most famous traditional dishes in Tet is ”Banh Chung.” It is the traditional rice cake in Vietnam that only appears on the Tet holiday. The tasty and savory ”Banh Chung” can be made with some simple ingredients available to all Vietnamese such as sticky rice, green beans, and pork. After combining and layering these in a mold, the cake will then be wrapped in banana leaves and boiled overnight. Family members often take turns to keep watch of the fire overnight or even gather around sharing their stories about Tet of past years. ”Banh Chung” is the symbol of Tet because it combines all the unique ingredients of Vietnamese agriculture. Enjoying these cakes during the Tet holiday still leaves Vietnamese people with a feeling of joy and warmth.



2D Animator/ Compositing Artist – Hoang Tung Vu
3D Animator – Dang Hoang Tin Nguyen
Illustrator/ Script Writer – Amber Ho
Illustrator – Tien Nguyen
Illustrator – Dinh Tri Le


Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator

Work In Progress

We hand drew everything on paper before starting with the animation process; this way, we could envision the project better, and team members would not be confused when it came to vectorizing the scenes.

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Those are the style frames that we colorized in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects before animating them. All of those colors that we chose were based on Tet Holiday’s colors.

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