Chasing Sun

“Hope is not real, it never is. But it can be and that is why it saves us
because it gives us a reason, a reason for tomorrow.”

– I’m Not Sure –

Project Description

“Chasing Sun” visual background was an experimental project. The song was about achieving a purpose that might seem futile and impossible and encourages us to keep on thriving and amidst sufferings and sacrifices. It justified the pain we all need to endure for a better future. The idea of the video was to create a looped image that perfectly portrayed the vision of the video, endlessly running towards the light in the distance.



Modeling / Animator / Compositing – Hoang Tung Vu
Music – I’m Not Sure


Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Work In Progress

This sketch illustrates my vision of this project

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